Friday, February 7, 2014

Wedding Preporation

Sorry for the lack of posting, Life gets very busy and I've been really focused in my school work. If you don't know me, it takes a lot for me too focus. So lately, with everything else going on, Nick-my wonderful, charming, Fiance'.- and myself have decided to make our wedding date officially set for June 13th, 2015!!! Which is now a little over a year, but I've started and decided that we want to make this a less costly as possible. Seriously have you seen budget's now a days, it's completely ridiculous. So I've been on a mission to make everything and become like a DIY Bride! Which is actually really fun, and everything will have a personal touch to it. So with all this said, These pictures are what I've started working on. 

This project was less than $7.00! I got this photo Frame from Walmart in the Valentines day section, they had them on sale, and I painted them to match our colors, Plum and Tangerine. I painted the frames, Which actually, my fiance' painted the orange one! Then i bought the small Iridescent glitter, which i sprinkled on the frames, but first, I sprayed some crafting glue. Then i bought, some silver ribbon, and added it to the frame to hang on the aisle pew! All we need to do is add pictures, which I'll post later on when fully completed. but here is what the finishing project looks like~~

And there we have it, A simple project that will add a personal touch to you're wedding! 
I'm getting really excited as we get closer, and I have so many more projects too do, looks like I need to invest in a Hot Glue Gun! 
Sorry, but this is just a short post, Tell me what you think of this? or any suggestions to make better! but I'm really loving the turn out, If you think there is too much Glitter, well this is nothing compared too what's going to be at the Wedding! lol

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