Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wrapping up the Weekend!

Weekend's seem to come and go, with all the craziness in the week, and always looking forward to the weekend. I love them because not only do I get to have a couple day's of sleep with no alarm, but just the quality time, and the days of not being rushed are well worth waiting for. So here is a recap of my weekend! :)

  • Friday- So Friday's are awesome day's, cause I don't have school, but going into work I'm looking forward to spending the day with the kiddos at the preschool. Kid's on Friday's though are CRAZY! I believe they sense the weekend coming, and use all the extra energy to bounce off the walls. After the long day at work, I love coming home to my future husband, and catching up with some quality time. 

  • Saturday- Best Sleep Day's ever! i love sleeping in on Saturday's to catch up on some long lost beauty sleep. lol. What I love most though, is being able to have Girl's Day as i call it. Well that's exactly what I did, and it was wonderful to have the opportunity to make a new friend! 

  • Sunday- My future husband and I got the opportunity to attend WKEE 100 Bridal Expo, In Huntington, Wv Big Sandy Superstore Arena. With over several different vendor booths, we walked through huge aisle way's of different options for the Big Day. We got to sample different foods from different caterers, enter for door prizes, and just experience the whole excitement for our big day! We ended up staying for over an hour, then on the way back home made a drive to end our little date day. 

This was my weekend in a nutshell, Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! and here is to another fabulous week! 



  1. I love Friday more than other days of weekend, because when it is Friday it means that I have a whole weekend in front of me!! However, sometimes I have busy weekends, just due to that fact that I cannot let myself have some rest) I know it is bad, but I am that kind of person) This weekend I will be busy with writing for

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