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About Me:     
 My full name is Rebekah Davis. I'm a 20 year old college student living on a Ramon noodle budget. I blow out candles every year on March 18th. I come from a Big family, and It's about to get even bigger, because I'm currently engaged to my fiance' whom I love and adore. I have the opportunity to be a Big Sister to a fun loving Little boy! Even though we are 9 years apart, we are the best of Friends.  I graduated High school Class of 2011!! and am Currently attending Ohio University Southern, in Ironton, OH. I'm a new Christian, and was baptized last year on Father's Day! I attend my local congregational church, Second Free Will Baptist Church. After becoming a Christian and developing a relationship with God, He led me too sing and join in my local Church choir. Also God's led me and called me to be a Teacher, where I'm going now to get my Bachelor's degree, but hope too eventually attain my Masters.  I'm very outgoing, and bubbly, and Fun. I enjoy meeting new people, and especially making new friends.  

A Few of my Favorite Things: 
Laughing, Painting,* Singing, Playing the Piano, Chatting, Iced Tea, Hot Coco,* Coffee, Beaches, Vacations, Traveling, *Wedding planning, Blogging, Dancing, Acting, Walking, Hiking, Cuddling, Movies, Netflix, Quality time with Family, Cooking, Baking, Photography, Babysitting, Teaching, Audrey Hepburn*, Anberlin*, Handemade Crafts, Reading, Drawing, Trying new things, Trying new foods, and Making new friends.  *Philippians 4:13.

Meet My Handsome Man: 

I'm in a wonderful relationship with a man for about 2 1/2 years it will be 3 years on September 21! after dating for about 9 months, he proposed too me in Louisville, KY on the way to one of our Favorite Band's Concert. After proposing too me we had a dinner immediately following his proposal at Tumbleweed, and the seat we had was over facing the Riverfront! Best Romantic thing anyone has ever done for me, Hands Down! I'm so in love with him, words cannot describe, Our wedding is next year June 13th 2015. I'll be walking down the aisle to marry my Best Friend in the World!!! God blessed me with the one which my heart adores!  

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