Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Year! New beginnings.

Happy New Year Everyone!! 

HI Everybody! I have been so busy with life, That i haven't blogged in forever, So lets Catch up! 

Start of a new year is always refreshing to me. It's like that saying "Out with the old in with the New!" Every year is always filled with exciting new things, but then of course you're going to have life's unending curve balls, But i always try to out way the bad with the Good. Ringing in the new Year is always fun, especially with you're future husband by you're side. However, this year was even more exciting, cause we have officially entered our wedding year. We couldn't be happier. I know this is a short post, but there will be more post to come,  So in honor of our wedding year, below I've posted a few of our engagement photo. :) 


  1. Awwww! such sweet photos of a very sweet couple!!

    Mama #2

  2. Thanks Momma #2! I thought so as well. lol (:


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