Friday, June 20, 2014

Five for Friday!

Starting out I've seen Five for Friday posts, and this is the first week that I've wanted to try it out. It's an opportunity to share my five favorite things each Friday. I hope it's as well worth it as I plan on it being.


My abundant overflow of nail polish. Every girl has there obsessions, and sometimes we have them on max extremities. Nail Polish is mine, I can never have enough. Different colors for different moods. This was taken a month ago, so I'm sure I have more now. But I always enjoy doing my own nails, and I even do both my mother and my mother in laws as well. A Fresh coat of Nail polish does a Gal good! (:  


God's Beauty! I never get tired of seeing a wonderful Sunset! It's such a sweet reminder that God created this world, and he did so perfectly. I love the beauty's of the earth, and seeing all of God's creations. It soothes the soul to just see these beauties. Next time you find you're self, Troubled, Stressed, Upset, or just In one of those funky moods, Take some time to go on the front porch, a drive, or wherever outside to inhale the beautiful creation of God, It will sure be such a relaxing time to make you feel at ease again. 


My photogenic Kitten! Meet Salem! he is my Black, four legged pal, who is sweet and loving, but also very hyper and always loves to play no matter what the clock says! I'm an animal lover, but this handsome fellow has bonded with me ever since we got him! and always knows, when I curl up on the couch with a blanket, he has to be in the center of it all! I know not everyone is Cat lover's but even if you're not, How can you deny this cute pic?!!! 


Cookies and Cream Ice cream, My weakness in a cup! Seriously, one of my favorite things about summer is that, I'm always in the mood for a cup of Ice cream. Crisp's is one my favorite dairy places to pick up such a delicious splurge. I'm the girl who loves Vanilla, but you throw cookies in there, I give a whole new meaning to the character of Cookie Monster. (: 


   Last but not least, A good book, a cup of Orange Juice, and Coffee mugs!. All three count as my favs. It's part of my morning regimen. Usually I would have a nice cup of joe in the mug, but due to warmer weather, I'm convicted to drink hot beverages, in warmer weather. Now I will say I'm always up for Ice Coffee, but Orange juice always is a good beverage in the morning. I also love to read a great book while I'm starting to wake up. I have a stack of books to read over the summer, that were loaned to me through my friend. and Ive read two so far! and both I've enjoyed. (: 

Well there ya have it! My Five Friday post! Hope everyone has a Fabulous Weekend! 

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  1. never heard of this Five for Fri. ~ but you did a great job w/it! YOU go girlie!!

    Mama Bear

  2. Yeah, it's been posted on a lot of blogs. And really you just take five things that's you're favorite, can be quotes, hobbies, crafts, etc. Thanks! I'm so glad to hear that. I just kind of winged it.

    Hugs back!

    Future Daughter in Law! <3


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