Thursday, June 5, 2014

Long time no....Post!

Sorry for the 3 months of no posts, Busy Busy. These past 3 months. So here is for me to catching you guys up on what's happened in my life. 

So since the last post, I was in the middle of working on Wedding Prep, we are still planning our wedding, and now getting things made up. The last post I was in the middle of spring semester for 2014, it started in January and I finished the semester in the beginning of May. I Finished with a 3.0 and all B's. I was thinking of going during the summer, but took it off, due to our Family Vacation in July to TN!  and for a possible Job that I'm trying to get. The Job is for a Teaching Assistant at my Fiance's Grandparents Church, and It's what I'm going to school for. I have an Interview Today!! Wish me Luck! and I'll let you know what Happens! 

Also I had my 21'st Birthday Celebration, It was a Fantastic Birthday, and especially when we got all confused cause Nick My Fiance'. was trying to throw me a Surprise birthday, but it turned into all of us getting confused and my Friends, and I now laugh at it!!! Anyway, I had the best Birthday, with my man, and my friends, Here is some of the pics to recap it! 

I wasn't the only Birthday person, My Mom and my Fiance' celebrated there Birthday's. My Fiance' was first on May 2nd. He turned 23. and my Mom had her's on the 13. Birthday's are always a blessing. weather it's mine I'm celebrating, or participating, in my friend's or Family Birthday! Apparently, my Fiance's pics for his Birthday are not uploading so I'll have a separate post later on.. But here is my mom's pics.  

So this has been the past 3 months. in a simple nutshell. I will be posting more regularly, now that I'm on Summer break, and Who knows there may be Surprises around every corner. 

Hope Everyone Enjoys you're Summer!!! 


  1. hey there bubble girl! I just now saw this and I like your pics! tee hee!
    Hope you have a wonderful summer!!


    1. Lol Hi (:

      Thanks! I'm hoping you have a wonderful Summer too!


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