Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sick and Stuck In :(


Over the weekend, My Fiance' were able to do our first mini Vacation with his parents! and it happened that we were going on our 2 year Engagement Anniversary! We went to Dayton, OH, and camped, but on the way up I developed a minor soar throat. Thinking nothing of this, I just wanted to enjoy the getaway for the weekend. We got to the campground on Thursday evening, after eating a delicious meal at Don Pablos. (By far the best Mexican Restaurant Ever!!!) I felt pretty good, and enjoyed the evening just chit chatting. However, on Friday was a whole different story, to make a long story short, I got worse and worse each day, even had to make a pit stop at my papaws in Lexington cause I just could not travel as much being this sick.  Traveling and sickness do not go well together at all! Finally Sunday afternoon feeling worse than ever, I just wanted to get home, and as soon as we got back into town, went straight to Urgent Care and was told I had developed Pneumonia Crazy how fast I developed it! lucky I have such a wonderful man that drove and took care of me!

Between the 4 hour of Breathing Treatments, and 3 other Medications, I'm stuck on the couch, with my laptop, tablet, and Catching up on some TV shows. Luckily, my Fiance' will drop by and visit which I'm glad to see him, just can't wait to get back on my feet! Even though I'm feeling so much better, just staying in finishing the meds, and hope to be able to get out  for Church on Sunday!


  1. Soooo sorry you are sickie! I hate that!! Hope you're up and about real soon so we can catch up!!
    Big hugs,
    Mama # 2

  2. Thanks! It's okay, I'm just not feeling 100% yet, but that's okay. I have a Dr. Appointment tomorrow morning! Which I'll keep you updated because I Miss you and we do need to catch up!

    Hugs back to ya!

    FDL. (Future Daughter In Law) tehe.


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