Friday, January 24, 2014

Cold, upcomig Ideas, and My BFF!

This is how of lately Ive been feeling this week. It's been cold with a whole lot of snow!
I don't know about you, but I'm sure going to be ready for summer, but I have a feeling since this winter we have hit the below zero temperatures, I believe that we may be hitting above 100 degrees this summer so it may be a hot one, who knows we will have to wait and see!

So as of lately, The Fiance' and I have decided to get married next year, to give us time to get things together, financially speaking, So this picture I stole off The where I do all my planning and organizing on our wedding day. This picture is too show you my upcoming craft idea, cause I wanted to decorate the pews with this idea. The concept of this is for each side of the middle aisle is too have this frames to show which side is the bride's and which side is the groom. I will have our pictures in them from when we were born too when we were engaged. This will be the size of the frames and they will be hung with a ribbon like the picture, but our wedding colors are Plum and Tangerine, so I'm going to go too Hobby Lobby,(my favorite craft store!!) and get some plain wooden craft frames, with of course my coupon! and I have decided to paint them to match our colors. I don't want to give away all the details, cause I will post a pic of the completed project later on. 

Despite the cold weather, Ive been rather busy this week, attending the classes I have taken for this semester, and helping my Mom in Law with her Craft night class. She volunteered to teach a craft night at our church! and let me tell you it's been hectic, but we've gotten the cutest theme, ideas, and have it all set up nicely, It was supposed to be tonight, but with this crazy weather, we decided to move it too next week! (Pics will start on my next post!). I know she is nervous, but I'm so excited for her, cause this will be good for her. She is a talented, craftier! we seriously are like BFF's no doubt! To show you what I mean, 

 So as you can tell we are Like Serious BFF's. This photo was taken Last year, and She will probably kill me for posting this, but I can't help it! She is too Fabulous not too share! :)  



  1. oh my gosh ~ you are too sweet to mention lil' ol' me!! man, my hair looks way too red in that pic!! LOLOLOL!!
    YOU go girlie! Love the background!!

    Your future 'mom' ~ tee hee

  2. what I meant to say is ~ a great BIG congrats on your new blog!!!

  3. Lol! well I love the Red hair chick! hahaha Thanks! I'm sure I'll be asking you ideas of how to do this craft that I'm wanting too do. and Thanks! I knew you would, when I found it, I heard in my head you getting all excited! lol

    you're future Daughter! Xo


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