Saturday, January 25, 2014

Snowed In with Blankts, Turnig into a Blizzard!

***Snow Snow Snow and wait More Snow!*** 

This week where I live has been something, we have accumulated a total of 4" of snow. As of now until Monday, we are supposed to get more snow not sure quit the amount. Literally from this past weeks snow storm, we were about too see some clearing, until about this afternoon we had some majorly high winds an tons of snow! I took a picture of what it looks like outside my window right now, 

So as you can tell with this much already on the ground and it's only to be snowing until Monday! I maybe snowed in for a while. I attend College, but my Brother was out of his Elementary school for this past week and now looking like This week to come as well. I do have a test Monday, but I'm kind of hoping that it will be cancelled! ~Fingers Crossed~ 
I'm hoping due to the current weather conditions, that I'll be able to continue too blog more, as I enjoy picking up on new followers, and ideas. Well, I'm thankful for Netflix, Hot CoCo, Blankets, and Warmth in general, because even though we have gotten this much snow, we are baring to face the -Temps! (negative temps) SOOO NOT EXCITING! However I'm staying in, and totally enjoying some family time! My Fiance' is here with us and is snowed in and decided to stay with us tonight on our pull out couch with my bro! (They have a Bromance, that Should have a blog in it's self.)   

I do have a bloglovin account, with a button on my blog! I just started blogging, and I'm looking to make new friends, and connect with people. I really would love some Follower's my blog does seem empty. I know I'm sounding a little...DESPERATE....But I can't help it!!! I will say however Ive found some wonderful blogs! That you can check out on my side bar titled, My Blog List, Which there you can find some amazing blogs! 

Looking Forward to hearing from all of you!!! Stay Warm and Be safe!


  1. Hey sweet pea, looks like you've gotten the hang of blogging already!! Congrats to you on your new blog and I hope you'll have a blast on here!

    2nd Momma

  2. Hey there Momma #2 yeah it seems like it, but I'm still learning new things, lol. and Thanks! I love it, and I'm having a blast, I think maybe way too much! hahaha


    Future Daughter! XOXOXOXOXOX


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